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What do you offer for Online At Home Dancing Learning?2020-12-21T07:26:48+00:00

“Kinderdance Delivered” is our exciting at home dance and tumbling program. Each program: Kindertots, Kinderdance, Kindergym, Kindermotion, and Dance Adventures includes a weekly live online class with our instructors and other enrolled students plus additional resources including special story times, themed activity sheets and craft projects, family movement games, and recorded activities. All that is needed is a phone or tablet with internet access and a little spot to move or tumble! Families can  register a child from our registration link in the top menu. Once you create an account you can select the class in which to enroll and once enrolled will be able to simply click the link directly in your account to join the class each week. Existing students will see their class on the main page after logging in the parent portal. Simply click the video camera icon to join the class!

What is the registration fee?2020-12-21T07:26:29+00:00

The $20.00 registration fee is paid at your child’s initial registration and once again annually in September of each year. We are currently not charging a registration fee for our online classes.

How do I pay my bill?2020-12-21T07:26:03+00:00

Tuition is posted monthly or by session. You are able to pay your bill online each month by credit card or debit card from your Parent Account. Once you create an account you may choose auto-pay for your convenience.  Payment can also be made by sending a check to class with your child.

How long does the program last?2020-12-21T07:25:28+00:00

Many of our locations are offered year round. Summer programming (July and August) may vary depending on location.

Can my child participate in a trial class before we actually enroll him/her?2020-12-21T07:24:59+00:00

Yes. Your child is welcome to participate in a trial class session in his/her school or online. Please click the link to register at the top of the page, create a new account, then select the location, class in which you are interested trialing and select “register as trial.” There is a $5 fee for trialing a class. This fee is credited toward your first month’s tuition when you enroll in the class.

How do I enroll my child?2020-12-21T07:24:35+00:00

Please create an account in our parent portal.  Once you create an account you will be able to select the class for your child’s age and location.  Or, just let us know and we can help with the enrollment process!

What is the cancellation/missed class policy?2020-12-21T07:23:42+00:00

There is no credit given when a child misses class due to illness or other appointment.  Children are able to attend a make-up class when a similar class is available.  We follow local school district decisions for weather related cancellations.  There are no refunds or credits for weather cancellations. In some instances, when a school/site adds s day to the calendar we will try to schedule a make up class otherwise we will add time to classes for several weeks in lieu of a make up. In the rare event that we need to cancel a class due to instructor illness we will first attempt to schedule a make up class.  If that is not possible we will offer a credit toward next month’s tuition.

Am I able to watch my child’s class?2020-12-21T07:23:18+00:00

We have scheduled designated days for parents to attend and watch classes.  We ask that parents allow their child the opportunity to become acclimated to their new learning environments.

How do I drop my child from a class?

We are sorry to see you go but know that everyone must move on at some point. Please complete a  Drop Form as soon as possible and before the 1st of the month. We will confirm the cancellation within 24-48 hours and will cease any auto-pay immediately for the following month. No refund will be given for a cancellation made after the 1st of the month.  Registration fees are non-refundable.

Is there a year-end recital? Where can I find information about this year’s recital?2020-12-21T07:22:25+00:00

Yes, every location has year-end recitals in June, to allow parents the opportunity to see their child’s accomplishments.  Recital costs vary from $20-50 for costumes. Recital participation fee is $25

Is special attire required?2020-12-21T07:21:36+00:00

Children are required to wear the appropriate footwear for their class for safety and comfort. Dance or Gym attire is strongly recommended. Parents have the option of purchasing from the Kinderdance boutique or elsewhere as long as shoes meet specified requirements. Kinderdance offers start-up packages for discounted prices to parents. All attire is the best quality and can be ordered online by you and delivered to your child’s class and fitted for your convenience. Site delivery is a service only for our Kinderdance® parents.

KINDERTOTS (recommended)
(girls) –  pink leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes or soft flexible athletic shoes
(boys) – t-shirt, shorts or athletic pants, black ballet shoes or soft flexible athletic shoes

KINDERDANCE (recommended)
(girls) – pink leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, and black tap shoes
(boys) – red T-shirt, black shorts or athletic pants, black ballet shoes, black tap shoes

(girls) – black or fuchsia leotard, skirt, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes
(boys) – solid T-shirt of any color (no print or words), black workout or jazz pants, black ballet shoes, black tap shoes

KINDERGYM (recommended)
(girls) – T-shirt and shorts, leggings, or athletic pants, gym or agility shoes
(boys) – T-shirt and athletic pants or shorts, gym or agility shoes

(girls) – T-shirt, black shorts or athletic pants, gym or agility shoes

(boys) – T-shirt and black athletic pants or shorts, gym or agility shoes

Is tuition assistance available?2020-12-21T07:12:19+00:00

Tuition assistance may be available in special situations.  Assistance is awarded when and if sponsorships become available and is based on family/child need or special circumstances.  To request to be put on our wait-list for tuition assistance complete our brief application.Tuition Assistance Application

May I sponsor a child?2020-12-21T07:11:48+00:00

Yes!  To become a sponsor please complete our sponsorship form.  You may choose whether or not you’d like your sponsorship to be anonymous.  Sponsorship Form

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